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Is Jeremy Piven gay? 2 following. 4 answers 4. Report Abuse. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Yes. No. Related Questions. Is it true that Jeremy Piven is gay?

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>It describes John >>Cusack as being a "lifelong friend" of Jeremy Piven. >> Isn't that a euphemism for gay? I can speak for Cusack--my cousin grew up with him in Chicago, and if he's gay, it's the best-kept secret of his life.

Jeremy Piven jokes in an upcoming issue of Playboy magazine about why he's still single at 41: "I'd love to have a girlfriend - if I weren't gay. That's right, I'm gay! I'm gayer than Liberace in 1972."

Jeremy Piven - gay? Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Sabrina, Feb 3, 2007. I might have just assumed that tho. Nah, he ain't gay. But maybe Turtle turned

/ jeremy piven gay. JEREMY PIVEN - Entourage Actor Rushed to Hospital for Mercury Poisoning!!! Poor Jeremy Piven, our sexy Leo guy has mercury poisoning.

Is Jeremy Piven gay? To suspect Jeremy Piven as a gay is common but in reality, he is not a gay. Back in January 2015, Jeremy shared his thought about getting married and to have a wife to start a family.

Jeremy Piven shocks audience at Glamour Awards with gay jokes. Andrei Harmsworth for MetroThursday 31 May 2012 7:28 am. Share this article with Facebook Share this article with Twitter Share this article with Google Plus Share this article through email Share this article with Whatsapp...
Photo : Jeremy Piven shocks audience at Glamour Awards with gay jokes