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As far as current and past news has told us, Angus Young is not gay. Many people think that he is along with everyone else in the band (Being that he strips during concerts, and that the band is called AC/DC, after all...).

Is Angus Young secretly gay and hiding in the closet? "At about 11 a.m. ET on Friday (February 09, 2018), our beloved guitarist Angus Young passed away. Angus Young was born on March 31, 1955 in Glasgow.

Angus and Eric being young and cute. Angus and Eric Woodward are identical 25 year-old twins from Melbourne. Eric is gay, while Angus is straight, which created an interesting microcosm of individualism as they hit puberty.

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Angus "Still-In-Middle-School" Young is known all over the world as the duck walk dancing, riff belting lead guitarist for hard rock legends AC/DC. Angus also enjoys igniting his own flatulence on fire while roasting marshmallows in the flames, while watching Playhouse-Disney.

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Who's Angus Young? barbiehow · 1 decade ago. President Bush-He has weapons of Mass Destruction where as Angus Young's goofy hat doesn't have enough armour to ricochet George's bullets!

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