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25 thoughts on "A-List Dallas Cast Angering Gay Community". I think it is an outrage that you people would go to this level of hate in your own community. i love and phillip and will always stand by his side.

North America / United States. Gay Dallas. Dallas: Texas' Biggest Gay Community. 275 Love it. Do you?

The Dallas Voice blog quotes an eyewitness identified only as Alison, who says the police "only arrested men and seemed to be targeting effeminate men." One Response to Texas gay community outraged at nightclub raid.

Too many stories are untold or undertold, says Jack Evans, the 84-year-old co-organizer of The Dallas Way and many other gay community groups. Women played a crucial role when AIDS descended with deadly force in Dallas, he says, as this night's Outrageous Oral event ends.

Rick Vanderslice, an activist with Queer LiberAction, said the gay community wants to know what's prompting the raids. "We are outraged," he said. "And we hope that this is not an indication of a tactic that's going to be applied to even more in the Dallas area."

Members of the North Texas gay community are angry and they want answers. The scene was topic of conversation at Sunday's Million Gay March in Dallas, and the Cathedral of Hope in Dallas released a statement following its Sunday morning worship services.

In a controversy that threatened to overshadow the 30th anniversary of Dallas' gay Pride parade, some LGBT activists expressed outrage this week after organizers reminded participants about the need for the event to be family-friendly and said nudity and lewd behavior will no longer be tolerated.

In 2014, Dallas' Oaklawn district was voted the number one gayborhood in the country by Out Traveler. According to a 2006 study by The Williams Institute on Sexual Orientation Law and Public Policy, the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex has the largest gay population in Texas.

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Dallas Pride took a page from the "new San Francisco" handbook by announcing that underwear Though many in the community support the decision to strictly enforce the rules this year, the new There is a difference between being sexy and being downright nasty... I don't think older gays think...

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